Become A Professional Scrum Product Owner

As a product owner, you are responsible for maximizing the value of the product by creating and managing the product backlog. Our Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) 2-day certified product owner training is designed to not only help you pass the PSPO certification exam, but also become a resilient, Agile Product Owner.

About The Course

Our Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO) training is a 2-day instructor-led, activity-based course where students explore Professional Scrum Product Owner and develop an understanding of the critical role that the Product Owner plays on the Scrum Team. Throughout the class, students learn a number of Product Ownership practices that they can use once they leave the classroom which includes how to become a resilient Agile Product Owner. This course will be delivered by Scrum trainers with rich domain experience.  You will also have access to mock tests & case studies prepared by the industry experts

Who is this course for?

The Scrum Product Owner level I (PSPO 1 ®) is for anyone who wishes to validate their knowledge of the Scrum framework and ability to support value creation and delivery.

The Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) certification is a must-have for anyone responsible for delivery of the product to market. This course allows those who are new to the world of agile and product ownership the chance to learn techniques and practices proven to get results in real life, addressing both technical and non-technical skills required in being an effective Product Owner.

Upon completion of this training, you will have the opportunity to take the globally recognized official Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) exam. When you pass the PSPO I certification exam, you will be formally qualified to work as a Professional Scrum Product Owner.

Your role as a professional Scrum Product Owner

As a professional Scrum Product Owner,you are accountable for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team. How this is done may vary widely across organizations, Scrum Teams, and individuals.

Furthermore, you are responsible for maximizing the value of the product by creating and managing the product backlog. 

Professional Scrum Product Owners demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of Scrum, the Product Owner role and their ability to apply that knowledge in real-world situations. The value of certification is intimately tied to the demonstration of knowledge needed to achieve it. 

As the use of agile methodologies in software development has spread, the need for agile product owner roles has grown.

Job Prospects for Professional Product Owners

The market for professional product owners  is quite competitive due to the higher demand for certified individuals to fill this role in various industries. Career prospects for Professional Product Owners include:

The professional Product Owner role is a good career path to follow with both remote, and hybrid working options available in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa and North America, with many companies opting for certified individuals who possess the necessary skills to fill this gap. Product Owners are in very high demand and the pay is very competitive. The average salary of a professional Scrum Product Owner  in the UK is £56,000, $95,000 in the USA and in Canada $96,000 You have the prospect of earning up £68,000, $106,500 and $163,000 respectively over the years as you gain more experience.

The Professional Product Owner (PSPO1) training will take place on the 19th-20th of November 2022 .Only limited seats are available.


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